Ink in my sketchbook

Some silly liney nonsense today. Dinosaurs being greeted by their new firey space friend!

❤ R

Hydraulic press in a big ol fat pen I’m still learning to use!

Inktober has been so fun – seeing everyone’s take on the theme for the day, trying to mess around with new materials and learn how to use them.

October is the best month.
– Inktober
– Horror movie season (plz drop me any suggestions)
– Halloween and generally darkness and spook-ery
– Mental health awareness month heyooo!
– Costumes
– Football
– Candy corn
– People being like “ah yes, let’s go observe the beautiful romance of living leaves dying before our eyes and falling to the ground where they shall rot into the earth. The colors of their demise are nice.”
– Flannel and cozy blankets, baby.

Anywho, love y’all and hope you’re well ❤

Devil’s Hole Pupfish in ink from my sketchbook

The Devil’s Hole Pupfish is a uniquely spectacular specimen. Considered the rarest fish on Earth, the entire species lives in a 2m x 4m pool in the middle of the desert near Death Valley National Park in California. It’s a one-inch endangered fish that lives in the middle of the desert. In a pool called The Devil’s Hole. In Death Valley. What a bold little species. You’re truly noble beasts, small friends. We wish you the best.

$3 stickers of little friend / Prints n stuff

Nothing too wild and exciting today, just some practice in vine charcoal and some of my bird friends.

Want to do a big, pretty piece of one of these guys soon, because I think they’re just fantastic tiny, round beasts, but something about their shape is just so hard for me draw. Anyone have suggestions on resources for learning to them?

Shoutout to a couple of my bird friends that pop by my window for peanuts.

This is Balthazar – he and his mate know the whistle I use to call them in, and respond with a unique call of their own. They recently had three babies, and they all come hang out with me when I’m in the yard. And sometimes follow me down the street to the cafe. 10/10, top notch birds. And congrats on your new family, crow friends.

This guy and his buddy have recently started trying to take over my house from the crows as their own territory. Stellar’s Jays’ blue feathers are remarkable in the sun. And their punk rock mohawks are pretty spectacular. 10/10, top notch birds.

Tell me about your favorite birds? Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoying creating/capturing beautiful things.

I have $3 stickers for sale now! (There’s also some prints and cards, too.)

Quick ink sketch

Huge thanks to Shaun Jex, who has some great insights about Pigeon Milk. I tried to capture your description. Please let me know if I got anything wrong. Going to submit this drawing to the bird encyclopedia to make sure the udders are accurately represented in the scientific literature.

Bird are hard to draw. Someone teach me how to draw a bird.

Pen + ink sketch and found midterm exam

Another from my sketchbook. Pen and pencil sketch on the left. On the right is a midterm exam from an old notebook I found. If anyone could please “Define, explain, or comment briefly but adequately” on Pigeon’s milk (number 30) for me that would be amazing. I really need to know more about Pigeon’s milk. Please advise. For science.


Handmade holiday cards

I know it’s September, but here’s a merry reindeer for you. On the left is the final design for the front of the cards. On the right is some inspiration for it. Hand-drew a few of these cards to give to folks for the holidays. And had a lot of fun messing around with the lettering.

Bits of maps I made while exploring Madrid

Whenever I travel to a new place and am exploring a new part of town, I scrawl little maps to carry with me in case I get turned around. Here’s about ten of them I made while exploring new neighborhoods in Madrid and trying to figure out metro stops for the two months I spent there. Always nice to have a scrap of paper in your pocket from past-you when current-you gets lost.

Cuando viajo a partes nuevos y exploro un parte nuevo de la ciudad, dibujo mapas pequeños en caso de que me pierdo. Aquí están como diez mapas que hice cuando explorando barrios nuevos en Madrid y tratando de entender el Metro por los dos meses que pasé en la ciudad. Qué bueno tener una hoja de papel en el bolsillo por tú-pasado cuando tú-presente se pierde.

¿Ayuda me a mejorar mi Español?

I was lucky enough to be able to walk El Camino de Santiago from St Jean Pied de Port a while back with my parents. This is a sketch from night one hanging out behind the albergue with some sheep friends. Daily routine was to walk all day, shower, wash your clothes, hang them out to dry, eat dinner, then one of the following: 1) write in a journal, 2) do a sketch, 3) go grocery shopping, 4) get a beer with a friend, 5) baby your aching feet, then go to bed.

An absolutely amazing and challenging as hell time. Having body parts that work well enough to carry me across a country is pretty amazing and I’m grateful for them and everyone who was kind to us and needed kindness along the way. Anywho, that’s a quick sketch from the first night – the last night I had time to spend on drawing Things rather than rubbing my sore feet and getting cleaned up. Buen Camino, peregrinos. Take your time and enjoy the fact that we are lucky enough to exist.