Bits of maps I made while exploring Madrid

Whenever I travel to a new place and am exploring a new part of town, I scrawl little maps to carry with me in case I get turned around. Here’s about ten of them I made while exploring new neighborhoods in Madrid and trying to figure out metro stops for the two months I spent there. Always nice to have a scrap of paper in your pocket from past-you when current-you gets lost.

Cuando viajo a partes nuevos y exploro un parte nuevo de la ciudad, dibujo mapas pequeños en caso de que me pierdo. Aquí están como diez mapas que hice cuando explorando barrios nuevos en Madrid y tratando de entender el Metro por los dos meses que pasé en la ciudad. Qué bueno tener una hoja de papel en el bolsillo por tú-pasado cuando tú-presente se pierde.

¿Ayuda me a mejorar mi Español?

Interior of the asylum outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama I took with my Rebel K2 on film.

Being devious teenagers way back when, we broke the law and snuck in to what is sometimes called Old Bryce, but officially named the Alabama Insane Hospital, to explore. Had to park in a far away lot to avoid suspicion and hike through brush and briars to reach it. Also had to sneak our way back out when we saw cop cars pull up. Fascinating and dark history behind this place that was shut down due to concerns about the way patients were being treated.

By 1970, however, the concept of patients remaining in the hospital for long periods of time while at the same time working productively became a subject of public concern, especially as many citizens felt that patients were retained by the hospital as a source of free labor.