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  • This Thing is Your Modern Celestial Home II

    September 17, 2019 by

    A luxurious master bedroom fit for royalty, featuring an unbeatable view of Mars. Complete with rare antique Books (a primitive reading medium originating on Earth) and modern lighting. The Modern Celestial Realty Group is thrilled to announce our latest home for you to make your own, located in serene and trendy Deep Space. Call today… Read more

  • This Thing is Your Modern Celestial Home I

    September 17, 2019 by

    A spacious living area fully furnished with plush chairs, modern lighting fixtures, fine art, and more. The Modern Celestial Realty Group is thrilled to announce our latest home for you to make yours, located in serene and trendy Deep Space. Call today to schedule a viewing of this property. Full features include: a homey living… Read more

  • This thing is round

    September 17, 2019 by

    Juncos are all over here up in Seattle and have plenty of personality. Top notch bird. Juncos are flocking birds with a distinct social hierarchy. They forage on the ground in these groups, scratching with their feet to find food. The flash of white tail feathers serve as a signal that alerts members of the… Read more

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About Rachel Admas

I live in Seattle and like looking at things and drawing things and making new things out of other things.

I also write code to tell computers how to do things.

I think most things are very pretty.

Here’s my attempt at an artist statement: We all got lucky enough to exist, and that’s pretty spectacular, right?. And none of us have any idea what we’re doing here being humans who exist. I think that’s spectacular, too, because that confusion and terror manifests itself in the most fascinating of ways: seeking power, devotion to a religion, spiraling out of control, spreading joy, acquiring an addiction, so many expressions. The Things I make are my attempt to poke a stick at whatever the hell this Existence thing is – to celebrate it and to give a bit of grief to anyone who takes it too seriously. My personal answer to the confusion of existing is to try to spread joy or at least a laugh, because I believe kindness is the most noble of human traits. Living creatures are just the best, and I’d be thrilled to make their days even a tiny bit happier. But what do I know.

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