Original – collage
Not my photo, just something that I think is beautiful and scary and surreal all at the same time. A combination I’m trying to channel in my upcoming collection of Things.

Hello my long lost internet friends! Turns out I am not great at balancing working full time and trying to maintain a blog and make pretty Things at the same time. But I gots a new series of Things I’ve been working on and will be posting soon. How have you been? I hope you’re having a lovely day, friend. It’s nice to see you again.

Love, R

Cards on cards on cards!

Hello friends! I made another quilt square trio – this time in the spirit of the holidays. And they’re on cards! Would you like to send some to people you love (and help your internet friend pay rent)? If so, give me a shout (or swing by the holiday markets in Wallingford or Issaquah!).

I’ve found these squares to be so peaceful and meditative to work on. They make me feel warm and nostalgic for the midwest. They always take about ten times as long as I expect, but the act of slowly shuffling through scraps of paper I compulsively collect, laying out the geometry behind the pattern, and trying a million different shades of colors before finding the right one is a nice way to spend a day. Also, shoutout to my roommate for teaching me how to use a jigsaw to cut the wood for these.

I hope you’re having a fantastic week. Cheers, R.

18 x 18 inch – bits of found paper on bristol

It’s cold and quilts are nice for when it’s cold. Here’s a quilt square made of paper. My father makes very beautiful quilt squares out of clay. I’m ripping his idea off. Hi, Dad. Send me some photos of your clay work so I can hype you in exchange?

Got cards in the works for this new quilting series! Gimme a shout if ya want some.

Cheers, R.


Recent art show was very lovely! Managed to smash two of my frames right out the gate during set up, but so it goes right? Never the soft adventure of undoom? All the other artists near me were so incredibly warm and helpful!

I’ve been bad at posting. Been working on lots of new things and getting ready to be in a couple holiday markets! More details to follow. But more importantly: how are you? I hope your brain has been full of lovely ideas and joy lately, my currently-reading-this friend.

Cheers, R.


PS: boatloads of cards and prints for sale as always, just give me a shout 🙂

I made this with bits of found paper

Get stickers/prints of the whole series here

Have you dreamed of having more space to roam? This infinitely spacious backyard overlooks the moons of Saturn as well as the glamorous endless abyss that is the void of space.

The Modern Celestial Realty Group is thrilled to announce our latest home for you to make yours, located in serene and trendy Deep Space. Call today to schedule a viewing of this property.

Full features include: a homey living room, modern full bath, two spacious bedrooms, cozy study, and endless backyard.


Bonus, since this is the last in this series:

This is what my space looked like when I was half finished with the first piece I was working on. Had to keep migrating around the room, because there were so many scraps of paper everywhere. Or maybe I have a Pretty Bits of Paper hoarding problem.

Hope you liked this series and are having a great week.

Cheers, R

It sprang out of a light bulb and was ready to eat. Mixed media on a very large piece of paper.

$4 Stickers! / Prints from $25

Technology is pretty neat and scary. Lots of magazine clippings, acrylics, and plastic shell over the light bulb to give it some reflection and weird texture.


Acrylics on a giant piece of wood + scraps from some of my favorite poems by him

Of course, there were a lot of good people sleeping in the streets. They weren’t fools, they just didn’t fit into the needed machinery of the moment.

Pulp, Charles Bukowski, 1994

Nothing better than Charles Bukowski to help get you through some years of angst and inner turmoil.

Since this blog has absolutely zero shame, I present an excerpt from the angsty diary of 14 year old me, who copied down loads of his poems because hey someone else’s brain sucked, too, and it felt good to make his words come out of my hands. And ya know, at that age NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND ME AND MY FEELINGS, MAN.

14-year-old-Rachel and anyone reading this who might struggling, it gets better. Make your art and listen to your music and talk to humans you love. And please give me a shout if you need someone to talk to – I’m here.