18 in x 18 in collage

Another homage to the skilled folks that make things to keep us warm and to the quilt barns I saw all over while living in the midwest for a few years. How cool to have your own signature square on a barn.

Cards and prints available as always (online or at the Wallingford Holiday Market in Seattle on Nov 30!) Cheers, R.

18 x 18 inch – bits of found paper on bristol

It’s cold and quilts are nice for when it’s cold. Here’s a quilt square made of paper. My father makes very beautiful quilt squares out of clay. I’m ripping his idea off. Hi, Dad. Send me some photos of your clay work so I can hype you in exchange?

Got cards in the works for this new quilting series! Gimme a shout if ya want some.

Cheers, R.