This Thing is Your Modern Celestial Home VI

I made this with bits of found paper

Get stickers/prints of the whole series here

Have you dreamed of having more space to roam? This infinitely spacious backyard overlooks the moons of Saturn as well as the glamorous endless abyss that is the void of space.

The Modern Celestial Realty Group is thrilled to announce our latest home for you to make yours, located in serene and trendy Deep Space. Call today to schedule a viewing of this property.

Full features include: a homey living room, modern full bath, two spacious bedrooms, cozy study, and endless backyard.

Bonus, since this is the last in this series:

This is what my space looked like when I was half finished with the first piece I was working on. Had to keep migrating around the room, because there were so many scraps of paper everywhere. Or maybe I have a Pretty Bits of Paper hoarding problem.

Hope you liked this series and are having a great week.

Cheers, R


2 thoughts on “This Thing is Your Modern Celestial Home VI

    • Thanks so much, Joshua! It’s neat when thinking “man, living in space would be sweet” turns into tangible objects! And I had a lot of fun writing the ads for each room. I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and hope you’re having a fantastic day.

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