A quick lino block print!

Two of Swords from the Tarot Deck.

lino print by rachel admas

More attempts at lino block prints! This one was chosen as his favorite by a person quite near and dear to my heart. The eight of wands.

This card represents movement, quick changes, action, and progression. Ya got eight wands that are sprouting leaves flying super fast through air on the way to something big. You’re working warp speed on something you care about, making plans to accomplish something ASAP, or just going where the wind takes you quite quickly.

Hope today is a good day. Hugs -R.

lino print by rachel admas

I’ve been trying my hand at linoleum printing, starting off with my favorite tarot cards. This one, The Fool, is my favorite. Like lino printing, I’m also new at tarot, so better educated folks: please correct me if I’m interpreting this incorrectly.

The Fool is stepping off a cliff into the great unknown, but he’s quite jolly about whatever may come next. He’s got his small knapsack with the few things he needs for his journeys. He’s looking up to the sky and is pleasantly oblivious to the fact that he’s walking off a cliff. He’s got his trusty dog friend at his heels maybe holding him back from walking off a cliff, or maybe just being a bud along for whatever’s ahead. He’s got a neat lil flower that represents his love of beautiful and humble things. There are mountains in the background that will be hard for him to maneuver at some point in the future, but he’s not concerned about that just yet. He’s just happy to be here.

I love this card because I think carrying few belongings on an unknown journey with naïve joy and a trusty canine pal is absolutely wonderful. And I’m just happy to be here.