Acrylics on canvas by Rachel

Inspired by our lord n savior Bob Ross. Another wintery day here with nothing to do but paint along with Mr. Ross – the best thing to do during a crappy pandemic-y, drizzly, political insurrection-y day.

I hope you’re all doing well and being safe and remaining sane. I love you.

Here’s the original Bob Ross broadcast, with a two inch brush and all.

Taken with my Rebel K2

Ok, one more pelican post because they just look like small dinosaurs and lovely and terrifying. Another from the living on a boat year in Destin. He was standing like this on the pier right off our boat and made me nervous enough that I just stayed put on the boat til he left. Because he’s almost my size and I’m not trying to fight a mini-dinosaur.


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Devil’s Hole Pupfish in ink from my sketchbook

The Devil’s Hole Pupfish is a uniquely spectacular specimen. Considered the rarest fish on Earth, the entire species lives in a 2m x 4m pool in the middle of the desert near Death Valley National Park in California. It’s a one-inch endangered fish that lives in the middle of the desert. In a pool called The Devil’s Hole. In Death Valley. What a bold little species. You’re truly noble beasts, small friends. We wish you the best.

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