Taken with my Rebel K2

Ok, one more pelican post because they just look like small dinosaurs and lovely and terrifying. Another from the living on a boat year in Destin. He was standing like this on the pier right off our boat and made me nervous enough that I just stayed put on the boat til he left. Because he’s almost my size and I’m not trying to fight a mini-dinosaur.


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Devil’s Hole Pupfish in ink from my sketchbook

The Devil’s Hole Pupfish is a uniquely spectacular specimen. Considered the rarest fish on Earth, the entire species lives in a 2m x 4m pool in the middle of the desert near Death Valley National Park in California. It’s a one-inch endangered fish that lives in the middle of the desert. In a pool called The Devil’s Hole. In Death Valley. What a bold little species. You’re truly noble beasts, small friends. We wish you the best.

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