This Thing has feathers

Nothing too wild and exciting today, just some practice in vine charcoal and some of my bird friends.

Want to do a big, pretty piece of one of these guys soon, because I think they’re just fantastic tiny, round beasts, but something about their shape is just so hard for me draw. Anyone have suggestions on resources for learning to them?

Shoutout to a couple of my bird friends that pop by my window for peanuts.

This is Balthazar – he and his mate know the whistle I use to call them in, and respond with a unique call of their own. They recently had three babies, and they all come hang out with me when I’m in the yard. And sometimes follow me down the street to the cafe. 10/10, top notch birds. And congrats on your new family, crow friends.

This guy and his buddy have recently started trying to take over my house from the crows as their own territory. Stellar’s Jays’ blue feathers are remarkable in the sun. And their punk rock mohawks are pretty spectacular. 10/10, top notch birds.

Tell me about your favorite birds? Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and enjoying creating/capturing beautiful things.

I have $3 stickers for sale now! (There’s also some prints and cards, too.)


7 thoughts on “This Thing has feathers

      • Thank you Rachel. Yes, I’m doing fine, thanks. Hope you are too. Amazing birds you get around your place! The only way to get really good at drawing, whether drawing birds, or whatever, is to just keep at it. Never give up trying. But anyway, your drawings (or sketches of birds) seem okay to me. Good luck to you.

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  1. Got a lot of crows where I live too, it’s a little corvidae society. I like a lot of birds, but my favorite is the peregrine falcon, a sleek and beautiful animal. I’m always delighted when I see one (they’re making a comeback from near extinction), but often when I see one, he or she is being harassed by crows. Good thing they’re fast.

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      • Crows have strength in numbers whereas falcons are usually alone, and falcons do eat birds (mainly pigeons), so it’s understandable that crows give them a hard time. One time I saw three crows harassing a very large red tail hawk perched on a tree. That was very brave of the crows, but the hawk just ignored them.

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