Acrylics on bristol paper

Pancakes for my best friend’s birthday. She makes such incredible pancakes that she earned the trail name Pancakes when she hiked the 2650 mile long Pacific Crest Trail. She’s an absolute badass mountaineer, baker, crocheter, artist, and human, and she has a fantastic hiking blog that everyone should read.

Bonus: the most perfect cat in the world scoping out my paint water (don’t worry, she didn’t drink any).

Hope you’re having a lovely day and creating and enjoying. Cheers, R.

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Salt flats in Death Valley

Stickers for $4 / Prints for $22

I think big, alien emptinesses are nice, so I really enjoyed spending a couple of days in Death Valley recently. Sleeping in my car. With another human. When the temperature was 109 F. Ok maybe the park itself was more of a highlight than the sleeping arrangement. The salt flats at sunset are surreal, and the ground makes creaky noises at some times due to the salt crystals expanding or contracting.

Salt flats in Death Valley