This thing is syrupy

Acrylics on bristol paper

Pancakes for my best friend’s birthday. She makes such incredible pancakes that she earned the trail name Pancakes when she hiked the 2650 mile long Pacific Crest Trail. She’s an absolute badass mountaineer, baker, crocheter, artist, and human, and she has a fantastic hiking blog that everyone should read.

Bonus: the most perfect cat in the world scoping out my paint water (don’t worry, she didn’t drink any).

Hope you’re having a lovely day and creating and enjoying. Cheers, R.

$3 Stickers / Prints


3 thoughts on “This thing is syrupy

  1. This is wonderful! Really like the way that blue is repeated all over in the table linen, plate and so forth, it’s just perfect. And your friend certainly has a cool archive of journeys, thanks for sharing the link. I’ve always been in awe of long distance walkers, she must have eaten her share of blueberries along the PCT. Here’s to hoping the remaining PCT travelers get to where they’re going after the recent snow in the Cascades…….

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