Salt flats in Death Valley

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I think big, alien emptinesses are nice, so I really enjoyed spending a couple of days in Death Valley recently. Sleeping in my car. With another human. When the temperature was 109 F. Ok maybe the park itself was more of a highlight than the sleeping arrangement. The salt flats at sunset are surreal, and the ground makes creaky noises at some times due to the salt crystals expanding or contracting.

Salt flats in Death Valley

Photo I took at Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone National Park

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I recently spent a few days camping in Yellowstone in Wyoming. So many buffalo encounters and such alien, gorgeous scenery. It was amazing being in the park after most people had left. Being able to see Ol Faithful erupt while sitting on the porch of the lodge with one or two other people around. Being stuck behind a buffalo in my car by myself, the two of us just hanging out. It’s a surreal part of the world.

Oh and, only the healthiest snacks while living in the woods.