This Thing is a tiny acrobat

Bushtit in charcoal – 18 in x 24 in

Another tiny round bird (to follow the golden-crown kinglet and junco)! Bushtits are very noisy and chattery small friends. They have a lot to talk about I guess. Like cracking jokes about their fantastic name. To protect their dignity, I guess I’ll mention that the “tit” part comes from the Old Icelandic “titr” meaning something small. They also weave fancy hanging nests.

10/10 top notch bird.

Shout out to my mom, who loves the bushtit and taught me to identify it (even if I can’t quite draw it right). Except I keep pretending that I don’t recognize what type of bird it is just to get a chuckle from my lovely, excitable mom saying “bushtit” over and over. Hi mom, I love you.

$3 Stickers / Prints


8 thoughts on “This Thing is a tiny acrobat

  1. Since you’ve brought your poor mother into this, does that make it marginally more acceptable for me to bring up that first ballot Hall of Fame candidate, the Blue-Footed Booby? Meanwhile, my mom likes to excitedly report on the Sandhill Cranes standing around like a pack of nervous smokers across the field and I think we can agree the mental picture of a Bushtit and Sandhill Crane perched side-by-side is an enjoyable one. Great study, here. Happy Tuesday!


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