This Thing has a fancy crown

Golden-crowned Kinglet – charcoal and colored pencil – 18 in x 24 in

This fellow is the Golden-crowned Kinglet, and he is quite small and tough. I have yet to see one in person, but I hope to some day since they live around here near Seattle.

One of our tiniest birds, the Golden-crowned Kinglet is remarkable in its ability to survive in cold climates. Nesting in northern forest, wintering throughout much of the continent, it is usually in dense conifers which undoubtedly help provide shelter from the cold.

Tell me about your favorite birds?

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3 thoughts on “This Thing has a fancy crown

  1. They’re certainly common enough around here, they’ve never made the top of any birder’s life list I would suppose (i don’t know anything about anything) but geez it never fails I get the biggest kick out of the Northern flickers that come through our backyard! Maybe it’s the way they’re so bold and strident in comparison to a lot of the smaller, petite birds that tend to hang out in the Philadelphius at the back of the alley, shyly twittering and hopping about. Here’ll come a Flicker diving to the ground pell-mell, splashing dirt and bark in pursuit of something in the leaf litter, then it’ll look around satisfied, not entirely content, and be gone after a couple big ol’ bounces. Are you familiar with Lyanda Haupt? Local author of Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds, it looks fascinating (pulled it down just now but have had it for little while). I’m going to read it now because of these last couple of sketches so thanks for the inspiration and sorry for the unseemly long note…..

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    • Jason, every time I get a notification that you left a comment I get so excited. No apologies necessary 🙂
      I have not heard of her or that book, but it is absolutely on my list now! And yes! I have a soft spot in my heart for tiny birds that act like they’re invincible little hurricanes of force. Maybe because I’m only 4′ 11″ I feel an attachment to little balls of no-one-can-mess-with-me chaotic energy? Thank you so much for the book suggestion! Just the title alone makes me want to read it. Cheers! R


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