There are a lot of images of the solar eclipse of 2017. Images of massive celestial bodies roaring through the vacuum of space and happening to align briefly in such a immensely spectacular way that our ancestors fell to their knees and knew the gods were coming to destroy all they controlled. Images that one could describe as: jaw-dropping or awe-inspiring or breath-taking or otherworldly.

I present to you my own image of that eclipse.

I think one could describe it as: adorable.

Just some space pals passing through

This was the view when I watched it through some supremely fashionable eclipse glasses. Put the glasses on my camera to see what would happen, and wound up with this shot of the just the sweetest, most unassuming lil eclipse.


Being able to see a (partial) solar eclipse was absolutely incredible. Nature knocked it out of the park when it came up with that idea. Thanks, nature.