This Thing is a Brainy Boi

Street art in Wallingford, Seattle by EWOK (or Mr. Ewokone)

I think he’s quite neat. He’s a brain, but he’s a very happy chompy brain with arms and legs because he’s got some business to attend to and needs to be out and about.

Hope your day is a good one. Cheers, R.


2 thoughts on “This Thing is a Brainy Boi

  1. hi Rachel. hope everything is going all right. knew I had to come here to say I figured out where this was, haha. last week took my youngest up to Wallingford to the optometrist (his very first spectacles!) and this caught my eye as we drove up the hill. Funny thing is, this as you’ve depicted looks like a different spot and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

    a few weeks back even, I stopped to shoot around the vacant guild theatre, what a shame it had fallen to such disrepair but now there is some amazing, really amazing cool murals (have you seen?) on the frontage along 45th. I wanted to document it before anything happens to it, although it seems that it must surely have been sanctioned by property owners, it’s quite a very extensive project. Good memories of Wallingford from back in the day, it was my first Seattle neighborhood


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