This Thing is The Empress

lino print by rachel admas

Another (re-learning how to do this) lino block print of one of my favorite tarot cards. Here she is rockin out in a dope crown of stars, a lovely dress, voluminous-as-all-hell hair, a big ol belly, and a pomegranate in her hand. She has all the potential in the world and is ready to burst into creativity. She’s got a baby growing inside of her, ready to greet the world and learn and grow. She holds a fruit that’s filled with seeds, just waiting to be sown and create in abundance. She’s a symbol of grace, beauty, fertility, nurturing, and creation. Her neck seems to blend into the hills surrounding her because she’s very attuned with nature.

She’s got big things on the horizon that are gonna come to fruition before she knows it.

Or at least that’s what I like to think. Hope you’re doing well, friends.

Cheers, R


5 thoughts on “This Thing is The Empress

  1. Really nice, having her in profile is an interesting idea. Did you choose for her to look to the right for any special reason? I’m going to do something in lino today, maybe not tarot.

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    • Awesome, I can’t wait to see it! And nah, no real reason. Plus half the time I wind up forgetting the fact that the print itself is the reverse of the carving, haha. So my special reason was “this seems too hard for my brain to carve backwards of what feels more natural.”

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      • I had my favorite ee cummings line come out as “reven eht tfos erutnevda fo moodnu” as my very first print trying to pick it back up after all these years. Solution: it now lives on the bathroom wall where you can really only see it in the mirror!

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