This thing is some goofy nonsense


It snowed in Seattle (a rare event!) so I strapped on some skis to make it one whole block down the street. The Boy was a fantastic commentator. Also, the skis I own are branded as the Luv Machines, so in their honor, I present this song.

Hope you’re doing well and staying warm!

❤ RA


5 thoughts on “This thing is some goofy nonsense

  1. oh cool, fun vid! Did you ski down to Gas Works for a few runs off Kite Hill? good narration, your bf could work in radio with that stunning baritone or narrate extreme ski films like warren miller. My boys just started skiing the past few years and have gotten surprisingly good, doing black diamonds and all that jazz but we skipped this year because we didn’t feel like the potential hassles of renting gear for a season during the pandemic or how well downhill places would be run….they were so envious of everyone skiing on our street last weekend! We live on a super steep road that’s crazily popular for sledding and skiing and people make jumps and moguls and everything and they wanted to be shushing like pros on their skis but they made do with their sleds, scared the wits out of me. Clearly you could have handled it with ease, like Kite Hill

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    • Oh man, that sounds awesome! I dunno how old the boys are, but my parents took me skiing for the first time (also first time I’d ever seen snow) when I was about 8, and I firmly believe childlings were meant to ski with that low center of gravity! Quite a difference in the height of a fall between a kiddo and a grown human. I love that folks were out enjoying it and even making ramps and moguls! Makes my heart feel good. Glad y’all got in some good sledding time.

      Didn’t make it to Gasworks. The snow was getting pretty melty and my one single block of skiing was a rude reminder of how uncomfortable ski boots are. Somehow I manage to forget (repress?) that every year, haha.


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