This thing is bleak

Haven’t been having a great go of it lately, and if anyone who is also not having a great go of it lately needs some bleak landscape with a glimmer of a sunrise on the horizon, here ya go. Big hugs. I love you.


6 thoughts on “This thing is bleak

  1. I’m sorry you haven’t been having a good go of it, lately. It sounded like you were already really scraping by even before the complete disruption of life, of the pandemic. And then last summer was quite hell of a windstorm to start and you were in it, really in it. This is a beautiful painting, thanks for sharing. Hope this is recent, that you are still somehow creating, finding inspiration, meaning in your work… it takes a lot of energy to stay that path and keep the lights on, at the same time. -fwiw, peace and friendly, concerned vibes your way; you’re not alone, a hell of a time. but there’s a glimmer! there really, really is

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    • I am back to creating! Had a tough go of it with the pandemic and helping organize BLM protests, and first aiding and getting teargassed and all that fun stuff, and helping distribute food and masks to folks without houses, but I’m on the up and up now! I always love hearing from you and reading your kind words. I hope you and yours are all doing well. (Also i got so excited when I saw this message that I made the boyfriend go through your amazing photos with me, and he was also stunned by how beautiful they are <3)


  2. So glad you’re on the up 🙂 Oh thanks, that’s too kind of you about my pictures, really aren’t that good, it’s internet or moniotor algorthims that make everything snappy. But i’m honored they were worthy of your boyfriend. Sheesh, it’s crazy I’ve been journaling on here for eleven years (!) and my S/O has never seen a word of of my dribble nor have any of the rest of my family. That’s just a risk too great of disapointming and boring them which I am not secure enough to withstand but you are brave, bold person which it helps for an artist to be


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