This Things is happy mountains

Made with acrylics as led by Bob Ross

It snowed like crazy this winter in Seattle, which is super uncommon, so of course snow plows were few and far between on most streets. We were stuck at home and in between shoveling our sidewalk and adding more wood to the fire, we decided what better snow day (week? month?) activity than to paint along with Bob Ross to an episode called “Perfect Winter Day.” The roommates and I gathered around in the living room, got our paints out, and followed along. It was a blast. Highly recommend Bob Ross-ing if you want something fun and goofy to entertain – it’s super easy to follow (assuming you have the pause button ready) and all of our paintings turned out a lot better than we expected.

Crow in the snow, where do you go to find something you can eat?

Obligatory crow in the snow shot from the same winter. I feed crows and Stellar’s Jays out of my window sill, and they were very appreciative in the cold. Normally his beak was covered in frost, but I figured I’d share one of his more glamorous shots.


7 thoughts on “This Things is happy mountains

    • Bob Ross is the man! I thought it was really cool seeing how differently the three (roommates and I) of our paintings turned out even though we were following the same basic guide. He teaches you how to do things, but everyone’s style and personality still seemed to come through really uniquely. A+ to Bob Ross. And being snowed in to the point of group delirium.

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  1. Can’t believe this picture of the crow, I love that you caught this!!! Are these bird pictures you’ve shared in your journal some sort of motion sensor set-up or were you just in the right place at the right time to have captured them? At any rate, crows are such fascinating, resourceful characters full of personality which I’ve surely always respected to the max. And seeing this picture of Bob Ross (and because I’m getting my haircut for the first time in several years, this week) reminds me of the anecdote I heard very recently that after some time had passed he grew quite tired of the godawful poofy perms yet he felt trapped in place with the hairstyle because it was how people identified or “knew” him. Poor guy hahaha!!!!

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    • Hi, Jason! I love the Bob Ross anecdote – what a statement of a style to have to be stuck with. Thanks for sharing. And for this crow picture, yes. I turned into enough of a nerd that I bought a camera to record all the weird things that they do. But the photos with my rough bird sketches (crow and stellar’s jay) were just shots I took as they were hanging out. I’m glad to hear you share the crow love! They’re smart as hell, and you’re absolutely right about them being full of personality. Take care, and thank you for your thoughtful words!


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