This Thing chews through screen doors

I drew this with charcoals. I don’t like using my words, but here’s me trying.

Last night I had a dream that rats overtook the place where I lived.

They were chewing through the window screens on both floors of my house.

We tried to keep them out as long as we could but had to flee and watch them invade our home.

They were coming up the stairs and gnawing through the floorboards and breeding in the closets.

They were too fast and too many to keep in my sight.

My home is a Thing they were not allowed to enter

Or to be inside of

Or to feel that they had a right to make their own

Or make themselves comfortable in.

I called my family.

They showed me how to quickly snap the rats’ necks.

I didn’t like doing that. I am gentle and love animals and my family.

They told me that was the most painless way to destroy an animal.

an egg whose yoke defies child bearing hips


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